About Me


Hi! I'm Kim

I am a 36 year old, happily married, mother of one of the cutest

kids ever (biased opinion)!! Ace turned 4 this year and continues to be a light

in my otherwise mundane life. 

I grew up in northern California in the mountains near Lake Tahoe.  They were small towns, but they will always have a place in my heart.  I miss them often and sometimes wish we could still live there, however, the life I have now is also fantastic and I wouldn't take that away for anything. Hopefully, I can plan a trip soon and maybe check out my favorite hometown place, Apple Hill!!!  Apple donuts and crafts are my jam!!!

Since I was a child, my thing has always been baking.  Whenever I am asked if I cook,

I usually answer with a, "No, not really, as I prefer to bake!!!"   The first thing I ever remember baking were sugar cookies with my mom.  We always had fun decorating them at Christmas. 

 As I got older, I continued to make more and more things and they became more

and more complex.  But, I was still only doing it occasionally.  Eventually, I decided

that being a part of the food service industry would be good fit.  

I moved to Las Vegas to go to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2004. I decided Las Vegas was a good place to get a degree centered around food.  Las Vegas has so many varieties to choose from that I knew I could also see and taste so many different kinds of food.  I now have a degree in food service management. I did not want to take the joy out of baking,

so management was a good plan.  During college, I did take a few, actual cooking and

baking courses.  Evidently my passion resided in the baking.  That 101 class was so much

fun and I learned so much about other things, in addition to what I had already taught

myself.  Every year, my baking would continue to bring delight to my family and friends. 

So much so, that now at Christmas, they literally could care less about gifts as long as

they get the cookie box from me. 

Home baking has always been a way of therapy for me.  So, now,  I have decided to share some of my stories that will hopefully bring some delight, some laughter and some good

Home BaKim's into your home.