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Family is All I Need

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Family is my reason for everything. The reason why I do this and the reason I want to do more and become more.

My husband, Brandon, is my number one supporter who always has believed I could do whatever I wanted. He always pushes me to be better, but also keeps me in check when I start over analyzing and not feeling good enough.

“There has always been one thing I would change about him and I have openly told him what it is...”

When we first got together in 2007, we never thought the life we have would be as incredible as it is, despite certain things we have had to overcome. We are certainly blessed and grateful for what we have in this life of ours.

If I Could I Would

You know when someone is truly in love with someone and you ask them, "Is there anything you would change about your significant other?" They always answer, "No!! They are perfect." OH MY GOSH! Am I right? Well in most scenarios, I am that girl, I would not actually change anything that truly matters in him. Want to know what I would change about Brandon?? There has always been one thing I would change about him and I have openly told him what it is. It is his love of desserts or, lack there of, for that matter! It does not match my love which is sometimes frustrating--when I could live off of them.

When it comes to making new desserts, whether they be cookies, cakes, pies, trifles, or cobblers, getting Brandon to try any of them is basically impossible. If it is not a chocolate chip cookie, brownie or chocolate ice cream he will not try it. It's just not his thing, which is okay, but that is why I have turned to others to help me try out all my new attempts in sweets.

Helping build Trifles
Ace Trifle

As for Ace, as it stands, he is pretty close to his dad in his love of all things chocolate. Slowly, I am working on my corruption for him to try new things and find his own love of sweets outside of only chocolate! Fingers crossed!!! For now I will settle for a little help in the kitchen to make said items even if he is not trying them quite yet.

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