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May the FOURTH be with you

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Ace's fourth birthday was going to be one for the books. For the longest time, I knew I wanted to do a Star Wars theme. I had been planning it out for some time. However, this year I wanted to do it a little different.

Ace's cousin Wyatt is about a year older than him. So I asked my sister-in-law, Amanda, if they would consider doing a joint party? Well, it took a little convincing, but we decided it could be done while making each of the boys feel important too. We had less than a month to make it happen but I was determined. Within hours a theme was born, Ace may the fourth be with you it's Wyatt's revenge of the fifth.

“Within hours a theme was born, Ace may the FOURTH be with you it's Wyatt's revenge of the FIFTH. ”

And So It Begins

It was the day after Christmas and the party was going to be on January 25th. I went into my pinterest board and started working on ideas. I decided to start with the invites. I downloaded free fonts and created something up a couple of hours later. Basically the theme was going to be Ace was a Jedi and Wyatt would be Sith.

It was going to be red and blue for most things from there on out as that is what would match their light saber colors. I found a really cool artist, Derek Laufman on Pinterest and his artwork was kid friendly and appealing. You can see the art we chose on our pinterest board as well.

With Derek's art, I came up with iron-on decals for shirts for the boys as well as most of our signage for food, drinks, favors you name it we had it!!!

Next we worked on a guest list, and by the time we were done with that we had 100 or so. It was going to be a huge party. We planned for about 30 of them to be kids and we wanted to have little favors for them. Looking through Amazon and party discount sites, we found plastic cups, mini Rubik cubes, candy, temporary tattoos, stickers and an activity pack. Everything was Star Wars themed--even the candy. Since we had Valentine's Day coming up, we were able to find some individually packed suckers and gummy bracelets. The stickers and tattoos were bought as a book that we cut up into smaller sizes to give every kid the same amount.

Our next task was finding pool noodles, and, being winter, we didn't want it to cost us an arm and leg. We ended up finding packs on ebay. So we ordered a pack of 16 and just asked for specific colors. But, in general, pretty much any color can be an actual light saber which is nice. When those arrived we cut them in half and used duck tape and electrical tape to make the hilts of the sabers. We needed two rolls or duck tape and one roll of electrical, but if you want the hilts more intricate then you may need more electrical tape. Boom, done! We even used the rest of the duck tape for the tips of the skewers we were going to use.

We bought circle paper lanterns to create tie-fighters to hang from the ceiling as well. Amanda cut out the sides of the fighters from some old boxes and painted them black and silver. We then created the arms as well and hot glued them together to the lanterns. These were more of make it up as you go decoration so I am sorry I can't give you a pattern on them, but, they were cool when we finished them. We hung them from the ceiling in a full fight scene background.

With poster board, we created a Death Star and with another piece the Star Wars logo. I printed up some more planes and cut them out to tape to our background as well. Amanda was able to score the table decorations and sealed plates and napkins off of a local community group as well as some helmets.

I was able to score a large box from work and I cut it up to resemble the inside of the Millennium Falcon. I painted it silver and then we used push pins to secure it over some plastic table clothes on which we had painted warp speed streaks. This is what we used as our gift area.

The best part of this party is, we planned to surprise the boys with a pinata, a bounce house and a visit from Darth Vader. When he showed up all the kids were in amazement. He came in, posed for pictures, did light saber training, had fun with tug-o-war, and a large parachute. He was only there for about an hour but it was amazing, even the adults were surprised and excited to see him. He kept the kids focused and entertained. It was phenomenal. We may make it thing for the next few years to have a character visit.

After all of our planning, the day had finally come. It was time to make it all come together. The night prior, we set up most of the decorations, cut the fruit and vegetables, boiled the eggs, and decorated the cakes. The next morning, we finished setting up the tables, the lava obstacle zone, the ice in the drinks, and set up trays of food, which we placed into the fridge until the first guest arrived. Overall, we thought it came out amazing and everyone loved it. It went so well, we may even do it again...but, we shall see how Covid-19 impacts the next birthday.

For more pictures, please check out my BaKims facebook page.

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