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Mr. Onederful

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Every year I go all out for Ace's Birthday. Always have and always will until he tells me to stop. But, I really have so much fun planning them and getting them together.

Year one was Mr. Onederful. Haha, get it??? I thought it was a pretty clever idea. I made him a onesie to match also and had all kinds of fun decorations.

I never wanted to have actual themes like, Paw Patrol or Mickey because I did not want to repeat themes if I could. This was an easy one to do as it is just colors and the name which make the theme.

I made him a little cake for a smash cake session we were planning. It started out nice and smooth with some regular shots and family shots then we went into smash mode! Ace smashed for sure.

“I thought for sure he would have enjoyed the sweetness of the cake...”

For a one year old, he never really wanted to dig into the cake. We had to start him off, but eventually he was able to keep going on his own. He only smashed about a third of the cake because he was quite upset that his hands got dirty. I thought for sure he would have enjoyed the sweetness of the cake, but nope not really.

The party itself was exactly what we wanted. Just simple with colors and a onederful theme!

Check out my Pinterest page for more pictures of how it turned out and more ideas!

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