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Why do it this way?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Why did it take so long to go towards something that has always brought me joy? What brought it on now?

Since I graduated from UNLV my everything has been in the food service industry. Even before I graduated for that matter. I worked at Chili's for 12 years and then moved on to HMS Host at the airport. I put a lot into these jobs, hours and hours of time, but the one thing I have never really had in it, is true passion. It is always just a job, I never feel a true sense of accomplishment or fulfillment.

“...the one thing I never had in it, is true passion. It was always just a job, I never felt a true sense of accomplishment or fulfillment.”

I have made countless friends, and those I will have for a lifetime. For that I am grateful beyond words. They have always been what keeps going and coming back while I got my things in order. For those friends and my family I have always had the pleasure of creating things for them and their families. Whether it be crafts, or something sweet, this is where I found my drive and desire. When something came up to plan--a party, a painting, a cake, or just regular family get together, I would stay up for hours and put everything I could into it to make sure it was the best.

Seeing joy and disbelief on everyone's faces is what keeps me coming back. The first bite someone would take of a cupcake or a cookie was all what I needed. Watching them close their eyes, practically roll their eyes into the back of their heads and say "mmmmm" was so satisfying. Watching them walk into a party and just say "Wow" as they walked around as if no other words came to mind, is what adds fuel to my fire to just want to do it over and over again.

So Why Now

“So I did it. It was so much fun coming up with the best ways to make this cake happen and a little 6 year old's dream come true..”

Due to the pandemic, I had the chance to reflect and really think about what would be next should I not be able to really get back into the industry. A friend of mine reached out and asked for a cake to be made. Although originally intimidated, I thought it would be fun and possibly bring in a little cash. So I did it. I enjoyed coming up with the best ways to make this cake happen and a little 6-year-old's dream come true. That's story for another time though.

So Here We Are

After finishing this cake, the thought crossed my mind, what if I tried to do this for a living? So after giving it some time, I decided I should start with a blog and see if I can make some dreams come true, not only for me but a few others as well.

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